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“See Water. See Mountains. See Bears.”

You started speaking sentences three days ago. So I started documenting. I can’t miss anything.

 You started speaking sentences three days ago. So I started documenting. I can't miss anything.

You asked to see water, so we did.

You also asked to see mountains, but the hills were all we had..

You asked to see bears, but I told you there weren't any at the park.

 Your little puckered lip melted me.

All the little details are what I am trying to remember. 

Your smile, your laugh, your voice, and you holding onto me.

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I believe in the magic of capturing moments as they are, not just as they should be. My style is a blend of traditional portraits and documentary. I thrive when given creative control and trust, allowing me to blend into your celebration, capturing the actual spontaneous and genuine moments.

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Photographer, artist, mother, occasional painter, inspired by music videos, film, and nostalgia.

At a young age, I was engrossed with storytelling. Writing short stories on a thrifted type writer. Filming music videos to my favorite songs. A school project wasn’t just papier-mâché, it was a production with costumes, music, and visual effects. Now, with photographs, documenting a wedding day of all its moments of little touches, side glances, stolen kisses, hidden tears, and belly laughs. I can’t but help but bottle up the day, transport a memory from a feeling to something you can hold onto.

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