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Seeing Double

dou·ble ex·po·sure - the repeated exposure of a photographic plate or film to light, often producing ghost images.

Dan got me a Fujifilm Intax Mini 90 camera for my birthday and a t o n  of film. 
On our hike we finally got to experiment with the 'double exposure' setting. 

This was my first attempt that ended up being my favorite.

I shot a photo of Dan first against the sky, then a photo of a mossy waterfall.
 I think it's super cool how the waterfall runs through his beard.

I tried again, now exposing the beard to look like moss.

odds & ends

This one was a no brainer. I wanted flowers.


I shot each double exposure out of order so I ended up with a washed out image. ) :

I don't know if it's the mix of trees and Dan's shoulders, but this image looks like a mountain.

The second exposure I shot vertical with an image of tree bark, moss, & leaves.


Thanks for exploring with me. Say hi!

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  1. Andrea says:

    Awesome! I love double exposures! Also cool how you included the "fails" 😀

    • Cate Dempsey says:

      Thank you! It was tricky but so fun! I like to be wide open and show everyone it is a learning process, your whole career is!



Photographer, artist, mother, occasional painter, inspired by music videos, film, and nostalgia.

At a young age, I was engrossed with storytelling. Writing short stories on a thrifted type writer. Filming music videos to my favorite songs. A school project wasn’t just papier-mâché, it was a production with costumes, music, and visual effects. Now, with photographs, documenting a wedding day of all its moments of little touches, side glances, stolen kisses, hidden tears, and belly laughs. I can’t but help but bottle up the day, transport a memory from a feeling to something you can hold onto.