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about ME

I'm CATE Ronan

I believe anything you love and cherish should be celebrated to the fullest. For some that is a giant soire with every person you can think of and to some, that is just the two of them splurging on their dream location with an epic experience. As long as it's what you both truly desire, your day should be whatever you want it to be.

I do my best work when I work with kickass couples who are focused on celebrating their love, loving the details, and making their day the way that feels true to them. 

If you are planning a wedding here in Ohio, out-of-state, or an insane couple days getting eloped and living it up, I'm there.

Heck, I'm already here, where are you?

Hopeless romantic, Enneagram 8, speaks in sarcasm and GIFs, sentimental to the smallest degree, and lover of your photos on film and print.

my favorite things:


places i've been

Oregon, specifically Cannon Beach. Palm Springs is a close second, with Moab not far behind. I've always been a traveler.
Adventure is out there. 


guilty pleasure

Cotton Candy. The OG, snowcone, pop rocks, gum, lollipop; anything cotton candy flavored has my heart. It's childhood joy.



I'm an old fashioned gal, through and through. I know there are *many* ways they are made. Give me a decent bourbon, an extra sugar cube, and three luxardo cherries, and I'm golden.



Hands down, Chicken Tikka Masala with extra naan. Indian food was something we ate often in the UK growing up. Now, its my ultimate comfort food.


my muse

No matter the medium, I love analog over digital every-time. Vinyl, 35 mm film, typewriting, super 8 film, physical prints and albums, Cd's/cassettes; you name it. There's a magic I can't describe when you  see your film photos, hear your favorite album on vinyl, or hold a 30 page spread leather album in your hands.


part of my job

Sending my couples their sneak peeks. Nothing beats reading my clients sweet texts and getting excited alongside them. 8173635 emojis + office GIFs welcomed.

about you

explorers obsessed with the details, quality over quantity. if you are sentimental af and believe no adventure is too small, we may just be perfect for each other and make absolute magic.

Production is not the only way to get the most out of your wedding day. Your wedding day can be a wedding weekend full of brunches, private vows, a kickass dinner and dance party with those closest to your soul, lunch in the garden, and ending the day tired in the arms of your new life partner.

Does this sound like you?
let's talk.


The real + the new


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