Ohio based destination wedding photographer specializing in small intimate gatherings + elopements

Scorpio ☀ Cancer ☾ Aquarius ↑
Enneagram 3w4
Human Design: Projector 
Myers-Briggs: INFP
Hopeless Romantic

an artist.
a writer.
a creator.

hi, i'm cate

more about me

hey there,
I'm Cate ronan.

At a young age, I was engrossed with storytelling. Writing short stories on a thrifted type writer. Filming music videos to my favorite songs. A school project wasn’t just papier-mâché, it was a production with costumes, music, and visual effects. Now, with photographs, documenting a wedding day of all its moments of little touches, side glances, stolen kisses, hidden tears, and belly laughs. I can’t but help but bottle up the day, transport a memory from a feeling to something you can hold onto.

my favorite things:


places i've been

Palm Springs. The vibes and archutechure are inspiring, Oregon, specifically Cannon Beach is a close second, with Moab not far behind. I've always been a traveler. Adventure is out there. 🎈


sweet treat

Cotton Candy. The OG, snowcone, pop rocks, gum, lollipop; anything cotton candy flavored has my heart. It's childhood joy.



I'm an old fashioned gal, through and through. I know there are *many* ways they are made. Give me a decent bourbon, an extra sugar cube, and three luxardo cherries, and I'm golden.



Hands down, Chicken Tikka Masala with extra naan. Indian food was something we ate often in the UK growing up. Now, its my ultimate comfort food.


my muse

No matter the medium, I love analog over digital every-time. Vinyl, 35 mm film, typewriting, super 8 film, physical prints and albums, Cd's/cassettes, a handwritten letter, snail mail; you name it. There's a magic I can't describe when you see your film photos, hear your favorite album on vinyl, or hold a 30 page spread leather album in your hands.


part of my job

Sending my couples their sneak peeks. Nothing beats reading my clients sweet texts and getting excited alongside them. 8173635 emojis + the office GIFs welcomed.

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