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Cate Ronan is a wedding and elopement photographer. My hopeless romantic self is fulfilled by documenting elopements of all kinds. My favorites are the wet or dry Bonneville Salt Flats, the Moab desert, the shores of Cannon Beach, the vibe of Palm Springs, the mountains of Colorado, and the rolling hills of the England countryside. Focusing on small, intimate weddings and gatherings but still enjoying the select large wedding with its incredible dance floor. Documenting both Ohio and destination weddings, my wanderlust, traveling cup is filled by venturing on world adventures while coming home to my family in Ohio. Weddings are weddings, love is love, and gone are the days of people-pleasing and sticking to traditions you don’t care for. Your day is a reflection of all the fun corners of you both, and there is no settling for the party of your life. None. You down?

"She had a vision and she executed it beautifully. The candid photos made the day feel so real and authentic."

Paige + Bryce

"I searched and searched for a photographer for a long time. When I saw your style and work, I wanted you and no one else.”

Annie + John-Paul

"She has such a knack for making you feel comfortable, catching the most intimate and meaningful candid shots."

Mandi + Sam



Documenting a wedding day of all its moments of little touches, side glances, stolen kisses, hidden tears, and belly laughs. Bottling up all the feels into 

Documentary + storytelling

traditional portraits


If these details are important to you, we're probably an excellent fit.

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What does it mean to be truly present?

Being present, it's easier said than done. You wish to be present in your everyday life but what about on the one day that it really matters? What pulls you from being present? Stress, thinking too much of the future, being rushed, and worry are just a couple factors that can pull your mind off your day and partner and into a whirlwind of thoughts.

The best way to be present on your wedding day? Help.

No, not from your family and friends. While it is an investment to hire help, you will heavily pay for it on your day if your family and friends are running, putting out fires, and asking questions while being removed from the now and being with you.

First, hire a wedding planner. Your venue may have a coordinator but they are there to babysit the venue and not help you and your loved ones when a problem may arise. A wedding planner is with you in the depths of planning, knowing all details & family dynamics, and your favorite cocktail to bring you right after I do. I have 8 of the best in the industry in my 80+ company vendor directory. I’ll send it your way after you book.

Second, hire a photographer that builds you a solid timeline, maps up family photos ahead of time, and gives you an incredible vendor list to choose from. Me. That's me.

How do I get true candid and emotional photos?

There are a lot of buzz words going around when you are wedding planning, "candid photos" are one. So what are candid images? Candid defined simply is a photograph of a person taken informally, especially without the subjects knowledge. While you do have knowledge I am there with my camera, events and moments that happen organically and without prompt or interference are what candid photos are in my brand.

Grandma coming up to my couple to congratulate them in the middle of me capturing a family portrait is NOT something I am going to stop. I can retake a traditional portrait. I can not recreate the smile and tears that come from this interaction.

Getting your dream candid photos in your gallery and keepsakes are made possible by being present, surrendering to a moment, and leaving time in your wedding day to be with your people.

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