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20 Best Date Night at Home Ideas

Awesome date night ideas you can do at home.

Coronavirus have you stuck inside, an introvert, or just trying to save money? I’ve got some of the best date night ideas at home that you can stay in your jammies for. I put together the ultimate list to get you through the next couple of months with weekly date nights to keep things new!

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  1. Cook a new or favorite dinner recipe together! Cooking dinner in your routine can sometimes feel like a chore for one, while the other does something else or is still at work. DO THIS TOGETHER. Pick the recipe, prep the ingredients, and cook together. Pour some wine or shake up some cocktails, put on some of your favorite music, put the phones away, and help each other make a bomb meal.
  2. Start a garden/flower bed. Get your hands in some dirt and plant some herbs, veggies, and/or flowers. Gardening can be therapeutic and relaxing. Bonus…it’s great for your health.
  3. Do a themed dinner and movie night. You can totally couple this with number one on this list or make it all its own night! Instead of pizza and another episode of The Office, correspond dinner and movie somehow! You could make an international dinner and watch a movie set in that country. Make a dish from one of your favorite movies. For example, The Disney movie, Ratatouille. So many possibilities to make this a weekly thing!
  4. Backyard Movie Night. If it’s nice out take the movie outside. You could project the movie onto a wall or screen or just take a laptop outside and watch it that way!
  5. Bubble bath. Uh yes, for real. Grab that bath bomb from Lush, break out the candles, and put on some music on low, and soak together!
  6. Work on a DIY project together. Now I am not saying put together some IKEA furniture together but painting a room or sanding and staining something could be relaxing! Everyone’s love language is different.
  7. Video Game night! If you have a video game console this is a great activity! Turn it into something competitive.
  8. Game night! This is one of my favorites on the list. You can do a puzzle, Monopoly, Clue, or any of your favorite board games you have in the house. Grab some wine and relax for a couple of hours.
  9. Build a fort! UM YES. I am talking about blankets in the living room with snacks. Put your tv or laptop under your fort and watch a movie. Cuddle up with your boo and be kids again. You could take it a step further and drag your mattress out and into your fort. Stuff your fort with pillows and blankets and spend the night in your fortress of comfiness away from the world’s germs.
  10. Netflix & Chill. ‘Nuff said.
  11. At home “sip and paint” night. Youtube and Pinterest are your best friends! Youtube a tutorial or find a pretty painting on Pinterest and get to painting!
  12. Bake together! There is a lot of fun in baking. Cupcakes and cookies are easy and fun to bake and decorate. Everyone has a sweet tooth!
  13. Bonfire! If you live somewhere you can have a small campfire. This is a great at-home but an outside thing to do. Step it up and tell each other your favorite memories as a couple. Cuddling on a blanket together while stargazing is romantic AF.
  14. Spa at home! Take turns putting a face mask on each other. Make some mimosas too! Grab your favorite lotion or oil and give each other massages. Number 5 can be added to this one too!
  15. Plan a vacation. Grab some snacks and cocktails and start listing your dream locations. Look up flights, pretty Airbnb, and local restaurants. This may not be everyone’s favorite way to relax, and if it’s not, make a bucket list!
  16. Make a bucket list! This one we do a lot. Find an empty notebook and start filling it with things you want to do and places you want to visit.
  17. Take the enneagram test. Taking a test may not seem fun or date night material but it’s a test you can’t fail so no harm right? These tests are fun and you’ll learn something about each other. PROMISE!
  18. Start a scrapbook or photo album! Collect all of your printed photos, ticket stubs, movie tickets, and other memorable things, and start a little keepsake. You can use a simple notebook and add to it as you go.
  19. Have a wine or beer tasting. If you have a handful of different wines or craft beers, sample them out and try them together.
  20. Write each other love letters to add some romance. We live in a day and age of texts and social media posts. Put on some music, pour yourself your favorite drink, and get comfy. Then swap letters and feel the love!

A date night at home can be some of the best memories you make and remember. The best times are about the intention and thought and less about the location and money. Which one are you trying next? Want to do one of these as a couples session? Book me as your photographer.


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