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Choctaw Lake Engagement Photos | Columbus Engagement Photographer

Engagement sessions at Lake Choctaw?! — UM YES PLEASE. If you don’t know where that is, it’s about 20 minutes from Columbus, Ohio.

OKAY, SO HOLY MOLY — where do I start? These two babes aka Brittany and Dylan, took me to their favorite Mexican restaurant and then their lot, where their future home will be built! UGH THE FEELZ. They danced and ran around on their empty lot. They then laid down, and we took THE CUTEST shots of them giggling and Dylan picking on Brittany. Afterwards, we headed to Choctaw Lake for some g o r g e o u s sunset photos. Their original photo day was the day after the Dayton, Ohio tornados and with the weather and Dylan’s landscaping company working overtime with all the uprooted trees, we decided to reschedule.


I normally play music on my Bluetooth speaker during seasons, but we joked and talked so much I forget to play it! These two were so about each other and had such a goofy and close bond.

These two were so goofy and so fun and I can’t wait until their wedding day this November. SO STOKED!

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  1. Aneisa says:

    I am seriously dead. These are perfect. I cannot handle how amazing these are!

  2. Holy cow. These images are breathtaking and they are the ABSOLUTE cutest! So obsessed!

  3. I love that you took some of these on their lot where their future home would be! That makes it all the more special and fun! You did an amazing job of capturing them as a couple and I can’t wait for the blog post of their November wedding photos!

  4. Hah, great ending! Beautiful work throughout and love the tones.

  5. Jose Herrera says:

    Absolutely beautiful images, I love that you didn’t even have to use your bluetooth speaker for their session, what a fun looking couple! Awesome job!

  6. Sydney says:

    Love this Choctaw Lake engagement session, the ice cream gets me. <3

  7. OKAY!! Having an engagement session in their future home lot is the sweetest idea ever!!! These photos will always mean so much to them.

  8. oh my gosh what a sweet idea to have their engagement photos where their future home will be! these are so beautiful!

  9. Can we talk about their sense of style for a second, I LOVE IT! They are super cute and I love how you made their laughter come to life through their session! Sometimes rescheduling is the best thing to do and this proves it – you killed this shoot! The wind was perfect as well!

  10. Sharee says:

    holy smokes I love their style and all of the movement you capture in your photos! this Choctaw Lake Engagement session is a good one for sure! how cool that the engagement photo location was so special to their story, too!



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