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Englewood Metro Park Engagement Session | Englewood, Ohio | Tyler + Bailey


Hellllo summer! Ohio’s unpredictable weather is in full swing and this session almost didn’t happen! It was supposed to storm pretty bad from 7p-9p, the exact time of our session. I told them I wasn’t going to cancel unless it started to rain, plus they were around the corner so they weren’t too far to drive. SO GLAD WE HELD OUT. All that rain downpoured right before the session and we had 2 hours to photograph. Which also meant that we pretty much had the area to ourselves minus the beaver, racoon, and herons. 

Tyler and Bailey are one of my 2018 couples and I am stoked for their wedding in October. These too are so freaking fun. It was bff’s at first meeting when we all had a love for craft beer and traveling. We even traded craft beers we both had after the session. ALL THE IPA’S & WHEATS! 

We ended up shoot at various spots at the Englewood Metropark and even found a few hidden gems during our venture to the river. The trail to the river, was a little tricky. I am glad they forgave me for the crazy treck. We pretty much almost wiped out going up and down the muddiest banks of a dried up creek. I think my camera took the worst but it was a great laughed filled end to the session. Enjoy this gallery filled with laughter, snuggles, and exploring. 


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  1. Casey Laughter says:

    These are the BEST! I went to school with both of them and man, they are so perfect together! I am so happy for the both of them and I wish them nothing than the best!



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At a young age, I was engrossed with storytelling. Writing short stories on a thrifted type writer. Filming music videos to my favorite songs. A school project wasn’t just papier-mâché, it was a production with costumes, music, and visual effects. Now, with photographs, documenting a wedding day of all its moments of little touches, side glances, stolen kisses, hidden tears, and belly laughs. I can’t but help but bottle up the day, transport a memory from a feeling to something you can hold onto.