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New York City Couples Session | NYC Wedding Photographer | Heidi + Ritchie


So this was a pretty epic shoot day. Heidi and Ritchie were heading to NYC from Amsterdam to celebrate their wedding anniversary. I was seriously honored I was chosen to run around the city on the 4th of July and take photos of them in love. 

They are also AWESOME photographers who own a husband and wife wedding photography business back in Amsterdam! 

They spoiled me with a coffee date, taking me to breakfast in Central Park and taking portraits of me too!! Seriously…so amazing. 

Heidi and I still talk weekly and I am currently I awe of Ritchie’s new drone work. 🙌


We started at Coney Island at sunrise, and oh man!! So freaking awesome. After we were done at Coney Island, we headed to The Brooklyn Bridge thinking all those iconic bridge views from between the building were from that bridge but they are really from The Manhatten Bridge! Afterward, we grabbed some coffee and a snack because we had already done 2 hours of shooting with ZERO coffee. 😳 Finally caffeinated up (thanks Ritchie!!) we took a taxi to Soho! We found a few awesome stoops that allowed us to sit on them and snap some photos. Most had a chain on them or required payment since it’s so popular! We ended our 6-hour adventure in Central Park! We took a few photos by the fountain, watched The Chosen Crew perform (poor Ritchie got chosen to be in their show haha), and then they treated me to breakfast at a lovely breakfast spot in the middle of the park! 

It was sad when we parted ways honestly. I always hated having to say bye to my couples but this time was different. They were going to be halfway across the world when I am used to doing local work. So happy and blessed to have the relationship with them that I do, though. 💘





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I believe in the magic of capturing moments as they are, not just as they should be. My style is a blend of traditional portraits and documentary. I thrive when given creative control and trust, allowing me to blend into your celebration, capturing the actual spontaneous and genuine moments.

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At a young age, I was engrossed with storytelling. Writing short stories on a thrifted type writer. Filming music videos to my favorite songs. A school project wasn’t just papier-mâché, it was a production with costumes, music, and visual effects. Now, with photographs, documenting a wedding day of all its moments of little touches, side glances, stolen kisses, hidden tears, and belly laughs. I can’t but help but bottle up the day, transport a memory from a feeling to something you can hold onto.

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