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3 Fun Floral Accessories For Your Groom

Whether you are having a traditional church wedding or eloping in the middle of a wildflower field, florals are a popular theme in 2018 weddings! I stumbled across the most gorgeous floral groomsmen accesories on Instagram last week; ties, bow ties, and pocket squares galore! All cordinating floral patterns so you can mix and match between the groom and his groomsmen. 

All products listed below are from Dazi. A Utah based company providing the perfect accessories for your wedding day and portraits.


Price: $28

Ties range from average to skinny widths and made with 100% cotton. 


Bow Ties

Price: $19.99

Bow ties size ranges from 13″-18″ and made with 100% cotton.

Pocket Squares 

Price: $14

All pocket squares have matching ties and are made with 100% cotton and 12 inches.

*All images courtesy of Dazi website and Instagram.

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