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ONE on ONE session

Skype session

Let's hang out, get coffee or drinks, and talk about business! My one on one mentorship sessions can be whatever you'd like it to be. I am an open book, and want to share whatever will help you excel, fuel you with confidence, and light a fire in your creative soul. 

Let's plan a virtual coffee date and make people think we are crazy, while we talk to our computer. My Skype sessions can be whatever you need and want to know! I'm an open book! This session is perfect if you can't travel to me but still want that one on one feel!

1 hour

3 hours

Here is a list of popular topics

Creating a workflow for efficiency.

Social media

Website reviews

Editing and exporting.

Client communication

How to price yourself


you and your business

The number one thing that helped me start on the right foot years ago, was investing in myself. The money I spent on learning and improving came back 7 times over in that one year.

I am constantly investing in myself by going to creative and business workshops. I'm addicted to learning.

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heck yes!


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