IF you want to take the               party photos, keep scrolling. . . 

If you are looking for ways to grow your portfolio and add a better experience to wow your clients, shutter drag party photos are an incredible and storytelling way to showcase your clients wedding reception. When you are two, three hours into the party of the night and can't quite capture the vibe, atmosphere, and aesthetic of the dance floor; shutter drag will be your best friend.

It's not as intimating as it looks, and you probably already have everything in your camera bag if you are currently photographing weddings. Let's get our light streaks on!

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Cat M.

"You've done an amazing job at breaking everything down, predicting any questions I had & giving realistic examples that take the intimidation factor out of shutter drag."

Chloe A.

"One of my business goals for 2023 was to up level my reception photos. THIS GUIDE DID THAT!! My photos now match the party vibe and my couples love them. 10/10 recommend."

Grace P.

"So simple yet so detailed. Cate did an amazing job at breaking down settings and explaining how they work together. I have been dying to take these fun types of photos but it was seriously so overwhelming."


What is curtain sync? Which curtain sync do I use? What settings do I start at? How do I edit my image to “pop”? What is shutter drag exactly? What do I do if my photo is too hazy? What kind of light is ideal?


on the dance floor

Where to position yourself, how to move your camera, how to set up your environment for the best exposure possible, what lens to use, who to photograph, editing, camera settings, flash mode, curtain sync settings, explained shutter speed, ISO, aperture, + flash settings, my gear list, and more!

Navigating common and frustrating hiccups you may have while photographing. Example: What to do if your photos are too hazy and overexposed. A cheat sheet guide to your settings that you can screenshot and save as your wallpaper so you can refer to quickly at weddings.


The Shutter Drag how to guide


This 23 page how-to-guide ebook is packed with step-by-step instructions, before & after example images, camera and flash settings, troubleshooting common road bumps, and more! If you are ready to feel more confident in shutter drag and make 2023 your best reception portfolio yet, snag this guide! 👋🏻

*Once you place your order, your ebook will appear + the file will be delivered to your Inbox. Due to the nature of digital products, all sales are final and non-refundable.*

You agree not to copy, reproduce, redistribute, alter, modify, share with third-party, display the content publicly, or create derivative works of this digital product.

👆🏻👀 an inside look

👈🏻👀 an inside look

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photographer + Educator

Hey, I'm Cate!

Hi-ya! I’m Cate Ronan and I'm a neurospicy & mental health advocate photographer who navigates ADHD. 7 years ago I started my photography business and soaked up any and all education.

Fast forward a couple of years....

I eventually wanted to learn all I could about shutter drag and spent 2019  photographing 30+ weddings and mastering this technique at wedding receptions. But the one thing that frustrated me? I had to bounced through so many blog posts + Youtube videos to get all my questions answered, camera settings, before and after examples, and troubleshooting.

So I made the guide I needed, four years ago. 🤘🏻

Katie N.

"MY COUPLES LOOK BADASS!! Honestly I just bought this guide for the camera settings. My photos always came out meh and was super frustrated with what I was doing wrong. An easy 30 minute read and cheat sheet."

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An online membership where, as a member, you will have get support and access to ask me questions, request feedback, post and respond to referrals from other other wedding vendors, and more! You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with other wedding industry business owners. Be a part of a community that I would’ve loved to have when I first started my business, 7 years ago.

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