How long does it take to get our photos?

4 weeks for weddings and 2 weeks for engagement sessions. I've worked hard over the last 2 years to fine tune my work flow to get my client's galleries to them as quickly as possible. 6-8 weeks always seemed way too long to wait on photos.

What is the process to book a wedding with you?

Super simple and easy. After you pick a package that is perfect for what you need and want, you will pay a non-refundable date retainer and sign a contract, that I will also sign.

How much is it to lock in my date?

The non-refundable date retainer is 25% of your collection price. The other 3 payments of 25% will be spread out until your last payment that is due 3 weeks prior to your wedding day. You will be able to pay it securely digitally. You can pay via credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. There are no fees to pay digitally.

Can we pay with cash or check?

Mailing checks make me nervous, because I don't like sending $800 + through the mail. I worked at a post office and the amount of cash and checks I saw destroyed in the machines, will forever haunt me. Large sums of cash isn't ideal when it comes to my taxes and invoices.

I use a secure way of paying your invoice by either a debit/credit card or bank transfer (kind like a check)

Do you offer videography?

I don't offer videography at this time, but have awesome recommendations of videography companies in my welcome guide! 

How are our photos delivered?

Unless you add on an USB, all wedding and session galleries are delivered within an online private gallery. Your link will be emailed to you and you can share that link with family and friends to share quickly!

How many photographers do you have on your team?

Unless you book a second photographer, it is me photographing your wedding! I photograph 28-32 out of my 35-40 weddings every year solo! If you would like to talk about whether you would benefit having two photographers verses one, inquire and let's talk!

How long are your engagement sessions?

Engagement sessions are 1 hour long, which is plenty! You have the option to add on an hour if you need too. Each 1 hour session comes with 40  hand edited high resolution images. You will access your images through a private personal link where you can download instantly. 

Have you worked at my venue before?

This is one of the most asked question. I have photographed at a lot of venues in and out of Ohio. If i have not photographed at your venue before I do research and schedule a venue walk-through with your venue. It is important to get familiar with the venue. This allows me to scout locations for photos in order to find the best light.

Do you keep a backup of our images?

After your wedding or session, I back up your images onto two external hard drives. I then take you memory cards with the original images on them, label them, and then store them in a locked fire proof security box. After delivering your gallery, your gallery will stay online and active for 1 year. 

Do you book more than one wedding in a weekend? 

Yes. I have any where from 1-3 weddings every weekend. Due to weddings primarily being on the weekends and happening April -October, I am limited to the amount of days I can book and make a living. I do many double and triple wedding weekends. If you would like to see the full wedding galleries from a triple wedding weekend, let me know and I would be happy to show those to you!

We are shy and awkward in front of the camera. How can you help?

You and 99% of what my couples tell me! I use lots of prompts and directions while we take photos together to help you feel comfortable getting your photo taken. My number one compliment from past clients is how I made them feel comfortable and relax!

Why is there a wide pricing range?

Starting pricing all depends on the month, day, hourly coverage, and add-ons that impact your final package price. Weekends are more in demand than weekdays for weddings. June is more popular than a February in Ohio. 4 hours of coverage is cheaper than 8 hours. 

What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

I have worked  in all different conditions including rain and snow storm. We will come up with a Plan B and C if the forecast is showing bad weather.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. My updated payment schedule for all my clients is budget friendly. Your collection price is split up into 25% payments with the last one due 3 weeks prior to your wedding date.

When is our final payment due?

Your final payment is due 3 weeks before your wedding date. You will pay the same way you paid your date retainer. Easy Peasy.

Why is the date retainer non-refundable?

I get multiple inquires for every wedding date, sometimes up to 15 for popular dates. The first payment is a non-refundable and non-transferable. At a minimum, the retainer fee fairly compensates for committing, reserving, and turning down other potential projects/clients.

What if we need to change our date AFTER we book?

If you need to change your wedding date AFTER you've signed a contract and paid your non-refundable retainer, you will need to pay a new retainer and sign a new contract for a new date.

If impacted by COVID-19, click here.

If someone else is paying, can they sign the contract?

They can pay for your retainer and/or balances but can not sign. The contract is to be signed by both partners and myself. The contract is in place to serve and protect you.

What happens if you can't make it on our wedding day? 

I have this outlined in my contract to make sure you are taken care of. I have it in place that if I can't be there ( it would literally have to be a life/death situation ) then I would send a photographer in my place who I trust and is at my skill level or above that you also approve of!

If I want, will you edit your photos differently than your portfolio?

It's taken almost 3 years to find my "style" . I have worked hard in finding a great balance in color. With that, I have perfected MY style. If someone asked me to change. my editing this or that way, I feel I wouldn't be able to give my 100%. I have expertise in my editing style only.

How would you describe your editing style?

My editing style is natural with enhanced color. Over the last 3 years, I have tweaked and fine tuned my editing style to be neither "dark and moody" or "bright and airy". I am right in between. I don't have muddy looking editing or over exposed skin. I edit to feel warm, colorful, and bright. 

Will you photoshop me "skinny"?

This is a no-no for me. I won't photoshop anyone "skinny" or "prettier". The only things I will fix in post is small blemishes.  My rule is, if it won't be there in 2 weeks, I will buff it out.
(Examples: pimples, zits, small discolorations, makeup on clothing, lipstick on teeth.)

How would you describe your photographing style?

I have a hands off/candid approach with guided portraits. I won't over pose you but won't let you sit there awkwardly in front of my camera. I am there to guide you through personalized prompts and direction while allowing those prompts and directions to naturally unfold, giving you true candid images that look how you felt.

You've read the questions, now inquire!

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