Helping my clients feel comfortable and NOT awkward

I make my couples comfortable & relaxed so that your photos look and feel like you. Whether it's your wedding day or engagement session you will have fun. Your wedding day is about having an amazing time getting ready with your people, having a romantic ceremony, getting those family formals that will make generations cry, portraits that you'll get lost in, and a reception to party and let loose at. I capture it all. You just sit back relax and and I'll record your memories so that you can replay your day over and over again. 

You should like your photographer


I show full wedding & engagement galleries.

Vendor referrals.
Serving you more.

I don't leave you on read. #stopghosting

Yup. I share the galleries my couples received. You should see how I can capture from start to finish. Anyone can put their best photos on their website but you need to see the whole day to trust they are capable of serving you fully. Want to see more? Just ask.

Once you book, you get access to my welcome guide with DJ's, Hair and make-up artists, caterers, florists, and more that I have worked with and trust. My couples most common problem is finding a fun DJ, I know some awesome ones!

No one likes being ignored or worse, being ghosted. Whether I am available for you day or not, you will get a response from me. Planning is stressful and time sensitive and I value the time you took to reach out to me and want you to feel heard and important.


Okay okay, not as funny as Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica, but it works. When I'm not binging The Office, I am making my tiny 3 year old human dino chicken nuggets and yelling at one of my 5 cats to get off the dang counter.

I like to bust it down to Lizzo, Beyonce, and some Cardi, OKURRRRR?! So if you could play some at your reception that would be greaaaattt. I drink iced coffee in Ohio winters and believe that Tikka Masala is it's own food group. Who wants to get an old fashion with me? EXTRA CHERRIES PLZ.



(not so) secret obsessions

why the heck i do this

Have you ever woken up the next morning after the best day ever and wish you could go back? You scroll through your phone's photos and realize you were so in the moment you have zero photos. You feel on cloud 9 but can't relive it or share that feeling with anyone. 

I know this feeling. I'm that family member who will use a phone, disposable, polaroid, my camera, or even an iPad, if thats all we have on hand to capture moments that feel special and warm.

Is your day worth that?



dancing at receptions

that first sip of coffee

road trips

Indian Food

wedding cake

instant cameras and film

dwight schrute

old fashions with extra cherries

leslie knope

meet my co-workers






queen b
loves ice cream
the mom cat
Dan's Favorite

the asshole
mamas boy
bird watcher

loves kisses

the sweetest
softest fur
loves stuart
the sleeper

street smarts
gives no f's
loves riley

yes, there's 6


The Baby
Loves his brother
hates loud noises

forever loving receptions

Wedding party intros, shots at the open bar, grandma breaking it down on the dance floor, and first dances.

always looking
for candids

those stolen kisses, first look feels,
and belly laughs.

formal shots that slay

your family, friends, and the people who mean the most to you.

those portraits you'll swoon over

sunset, night time, and the in between

and the details

veils, flowers, heirlooms, invites, the  ceremony, the reception, the rings, + more.